Kent Baxter
Owner and Trainer
40+ years experience
Teach your dog to hold point and back/honor
                 Teach your dog to retrieve
 Teach your dog to hold point to wing & shot
       Teach your dog to find and flush

We specialize in the training of pointing and flushing breeds
As a dog trainer and bird hunting enthusiast I believe:
It’s important to pass on lessons learned to every future dog trainer, so that they may experience success with their dogs and the enjoyment of bird hunting in general. 
  • The thrill of the hunt has everything to do with the dog work and very little to do with the kill. 
  • My dogs will be well mannered at home and in the field. 
  • Well mannered dogs reflect the best of their breed. 
  • We hunt not for quantity, but rather for the opportunity to enjoy great dog work, and the general love of the  sport with like minded friends. 
  • A good bird dog is a gift. Even if no birds are taken, you get to go home with your best friend.  
  • Training done with a strategic soft touch goes a long way to preserve the best of our dogs.
  • Competition is a good way to challenge us as dog trainers, but shall not be used solely to gauge success as a trainer.  
  • A good bird dog deserves a hot shower after a hard day of work, and can sleep on the bed if he wants.
  • One on One training for you and your pup $75 per hour plus the cost of game birds.
Teach your dog to swim and retrieve from water
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​Retrieve, retrieve, retrieve!
Teaching the owners in a one on one to work with their own dogs. Tig is learning to be steady on point..
      Specialize in training of all hunting breeds.
.509 722-2002

Looking forward to working with your pups in our 2021 spring/summer class!